Mini-Baccarat – the miniature version of Baccarat

Mini ฝาก 50 รับ 150 ไม่ทำเทิร์น Baccarat is a scaled-down version of Baccarat. It is called mini because mini-baccarat has a smaller table than regular Baccarat, which can seat up to 7 players. The smaller size also means the game gives you more action, and you can play up to 200 hands per hour. Your goal when playing Mini-Baccarat is to get a hand as close to 9 as possible. You can use 3 bets in Mini-Baccarat: All Banker’s hand, Player’s hand, or a tie. In Mini-Baccarat, you can not play the banker because the dealer is always in charge of being a banker.

Punto Banco – the baccarat variant with roots in South America and the Caribbean

Punto Banco Banco is a casino table game that became popular in South America and the Caribbean. Hence why the game got its name: punto banco. Punto Banco is a casino table game where the dealer is always in charge of the action. You can only act as a player and place bets. Punto Banco is played with 8 decks with 52 cards in each deck. You win if your hand has the highest value, and your winning hand is, in this case, called “punto.” However, if the banker has a higher total hand value, the banker wins, called Banco.

You can play Bunto Banco online at Vegaz Casino.

Let it Ride – the highest card wins

Let it Ride is a casino table game played with a 52 card deck. You are dealt 3 cards face down. 2 cards are turned face down by the dealer. The 2 face-down cards will be combined with the 3 cards from each of the other players. To win, you need to have a hand with the highest cards. In Let it Ride, you can not play against the dealer. You play the game by placing your first 3 bets in equal size. After that, you can pull 1 wager or let it ride. When the first face-up card is dealt, you can pull a 1 bet or let it ride. The goal for you to win is to get the best hand to win the pot containing all players’ bets made in 1 deal.

Casino War – the easiest casino game to play
Casino War is a casino table game where you place your bet and get a face-up card. After that, the dealer gnets 1 card face up. You win if your card is the highest. The payout for your win is made in eve money. If you lose, you surrender your entire bet. You can either fold or get back 50% of your stake in case of a tie. You can also double your bet and go to war if you want. In the war round in casino war, you get 4 cards face down, and the dealer receives 4 cards face down + a card face up. You win if your face-up card is the highest. However, if the dealer wins, you lose your entire bet. You get an even money payout on 50% of your bet if you win. The other 50% of your bet is considered a push.

Craps – roll with 2 dice

Craps is a casino table game where you play with 2 dice that you roll on a craps board. Your goal in craps is to roll your dice and guess what number on the dice the shooter will roll. Your bets are made in chips. You can play craps online and offline with up to 20 other players. Craps if a fast, action-packed casino table game. You start playing your bets on the 1st dice roll in each round. Your first bet is called “come-out-roll. Then the player who acts as the “shooter” throws the dice on the table. Your task in the first round is to guess if the dice will land on a 7, 11, 3,4, or 12. 7 and 11 are called Pass Bet. While 2,3,12 are called, don’t pass bet.

There are 2 ways the craps round ends. If the total dice value is 7 or 11, it is called natural. The other way is if the round ends with 2,3, or 12, also called craps. The next round of craps starts if the rolled dice number is 4,5,6,7,8,9,19. If any of these numbers show, it is called “point,” which means that the specific rolled dice number starts the next stage of the craps game. The dealer then places a so-called pluck on the “point.” The pluck number helps you and other players to follow the gameplay. After that, the shooter makes another roll with the dice and keeps throwing dice rolls until the shooter manages to get a 7 or points number. If you get 7 or points, the game ends.

Roulette (European Roulette) – one of the most popular casino table games

Roulette is a casino table game and is one of the most popular casino table games globally. Roulette can be played both online and offline. The origins of Roulette dates back to the French, where it was first played in casinos in 1896. and the meaning of the word “Roulette” in french is the little wheel. Roulette is played with a ball dropped on a wheel with either a single-zero wheel or a double zero wheel.

When it comes to the wheel of Roulette, the wheel consists of red and black number areas, including odd and even numbers. The pockets with the number 0 are marked with green. An odd wheel can have 37 pockets, and an even wheel can have 38 pockets. Your task is to bet and guess if the spinning ball that spins around the wheel will stop at your chosen number. At the start of each round, you can place your bets on your chosen numbers. Then the dealer closes the betting round and spins the roulette wheel while he throws a small marble roulette ball that spins in the wheel until the ball lands on a socket. You win your bets if the ball lands on your chosen number socket. You can play Roulette both offline and online.

American Roulette – started in American and grew across the world

American Roulette, as the name hints, became popularized in America, but nowadays, American Roulette is played in most online and offline casinos around the world. American Roulette’s main standout feature is that you can bet on 2 double 0 pockets on the double-zero wheel, 2 green pockets with 0s, and a wheel with 1-36 marked number pockets. This means you can bet on a total of 38 pockets. In American Roulette, you can not make call bets since the wheel is a double 0 wheel that uses random sequences on the numbers 1-36. Another difference with American Roulette is that since American Roulette includes 2 number pockets with 0’s, the house edge becomes 5,26%.

French Roulette – started in French

French Roulette is a casino table game that started its journey back in France. The main difference with French Roulette compared to other roulette variations is that the wheel includes a single 0, resulting in a wheel with 37 pocket divisions in French Roulette.

Since it is French Roulette, you can expect to find outcomes written in French. Firstly, if you bet on colors, you will notice that bet on colors has a “Rouge/Noire” text.
Secondly, when you bet on odd/even numbers, you will see the text Impair/Pair.
Thirdly, if you bet on high/low numbers, you will read the French texts Manque/Passe.
Lastly, if you bet on a dozen bets, you notice that a dozen bets are marked with the french words Premier (P12), Moyenne (M12), and Derniere Douzaine (D12).
Another difference in French Roulette is that your chips are not marked with any denomination. That is why the chips in French Roulette are called “checks.” Because of this, the value of each check is based on your total buy-in cost + the total amount of your checks.

Mini Roulette – The miniature version of Roulette

Mini Roulette is a scaled-down version of Roulette, and that’s why it’s called mini Roulette. You bet on a wheel with 13 numbers when you play mini roulette. Another difference is that if your bet is not placed on 0, you lose 50% of your bet. If you want a simplified version of Roulette, you can play mini Roulette online at Vegaz Casino.

Casino Hold’Em – The simpler version of Texas Hold’Em

Casino Hold ’em is a simplified version of Texas Hold’Em. You can only choose to use the bets ante or call bets. Another highlight with Casino Hold-em is the speed of the game. Because if you either make a call or not make a call, you will instantly see the Turn and River cards on the screen. To win in Casino Hold’Em, both your ante and call bets will payout when and if the dealer qualifies.

This means the dealer must have a pair of 4’s or better. If the dealer does not have a pair of 4s or better, your call bet results in a so-called push. This means you only get winnings for your ante bet. When it comes to side bets in Casino Hold’Em, you can make a AA bonus side bet, and you win your AA bonus side bet when your hand strictly contains a Flop with the cards Pair of Aces or better. If you are a beginner to Hold’Em, Casino Hold’Em is an excellent first start to warm up with before you advance to play Texas Hold’Em.

Mississippi Stud – play casino poker with 5 cards
Mississippi Stud is a casino table game where you play with 5 cards. There is no dealer in the game, and it’s all about you playing the cards right according to a paytable. Your task is to make the best hand of your 5 cards. You can use a combination of your own cards together with community cards to form your best possible hand. You start each game by placing your ante bet. After that, you get 2 cards face down that you can use in combination with the 3 community cards on the center of the table.

Then you can keep betting in the first round called third street and each subsequent round by placing your bet of 1 to 3 times the size of the ante bet. Or fold. After your choice, the 1st community card is revealed, and the next betting round is called the fourth street. The final round is called the fifth street, and after that, the last community card is turned. You win depending on your 5 card combination according to the paytable. If you are lucky, you can win up to 500:1.

Bonus Blackjack – play with 2 side bets
Bonus Blackjack is a variation of Blackjack where you can use 2 side bets: the main bet and a side bet. The payout for the main bet is 1.5:1 odds. When it comes to the side bet, you can guess if you get a natural blackjack, if the dealer gets a natural blackjack or if both you and the dealer get a blackjack. If you are lucky and win a blackjack, you are paid 15:1.

Atlantic City Blackjack – founded in New Jersey
Atlantic City Blackjack was founded in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The goal in Atlantic City is to get 21 or as close to 21 without exceeding 21 to win. You play against a dealer, and the highest card in the game is an ace. You are allowed to double down, split, surrender or use insurance. When it comes to the dealer rules, the dealer must stand on soft 17, and the dealer also needs to peek for Blackjack.

Chinese Blackjack – played on Chinese New Years
Chinese Blackjack is a popular version of Blackjack that is most commonly played during the Chinese New Year events. You can play the game alone or with up to 6 other players, and Chinese Blackjack is played with a standard deck of 52 cards.

3D Roulette table game – play three-dimensional roulette
3d Roulette is a roulette variation where you can enjoy three-dimensional gameplay. The game includes one pocket with a 0. Your goal in 3d Roulette is to choose one of the 37 pockets and place your bet on your favorite numbers. You can also place bets on the color of the pocket and place bets on pockets like odd or even.

Baccarat chemin de fer – started in France
Chemin de Fer baccarat became popular in France, and Chemin De Fear means railway. Chemin de Fer is played with 6 decks of cards that are shuffled. The game can be played by 8 to 12 players, and the gameplay action is directed by a croupier.

Casino card games – Types of card games in a casino
There are many different types of card games in casinos. Below we will explain the most common types of card games in casinos you can play with rules and facts.

3 card poker – the speedy poker card created 1994

Three card poker is a fast-paced variant of poker created by Derek Webb in 1994. Derek Webb had the vision to develop a poker card game with the speed of table games. In 3 card poker, you only play against a dealer. You play a hand against a dealer with 3 cards. Here is a short overview of the rules in 3 card poker:

You start each game round by placing your ante bet.
You can also place a pair plus bet, which means you can bet if you think you get a hand with at least a pair or better.
At the start, you get 3 cards face down.
The dealer receives 3 cards face down as well.
You win if you get the best 3 card hand.

You can play 3 card poker online at Vegaz Casino.

4 Card Poker – the casino poker game with 4 cards

4 card poker was invented by Roger M. Snow. The goal in 4 card poker is to make the best 4 card poker out of the 5 cards that you are dealt. Each player at a 4 card table can bet on 4 betting circles: 2 circles for a base bet and 2 circles for optional side bets. Here is a simple overview of the rules in 4 card poker:

You start by placing your mandatory ante bet + an optional Aces Up side bet.
You get 5 cards face down.
The dealer receives 6 cards face down.
Place your bet. In each round, you can bet, fold or raise.
You need to create the best possible 4 card hand to beat the dealer to win.

You can play 4 card poker online at Vegaz Casino.

Pai Gow Poker – Founded in United States

Pai Gow Poker is a casino card game founded in 1985 in the United States by Sam Torosian. Both you and the dealer get 7 cards each. The 7 cards are divided into 2 hands: a 5 card hand and a 2 card hand. Your task in Pai Gow Poker to win is to get a 5 card hand which is better than the dealer 5 card hand. Your 2 card hand must also be better than the dealer 2 card hand. If both the dealers’ 5 card hand and his 2 card hand are better than your 5 card hand and 2 card hand, the dealer wins. A so-called push can also occur, which means that one of your hands of 5 cards and 2 cards is better than one of the dealer’s hands (either 5 cards or 2 cards).

You can play Pai Gow Poker online at Vegaz Casino.

Pai gow mania – play with 2 additional side bets

Pai gow mania versions offer you to place 2 side bets. The 1st side bet is based on the first 3 cards dealt, and the second side bet is based on the 7 card hand.

Fortune Pai Gow – Play with 2 extra side bets

Fortune Pai Gow is a casino card game where you can use an optional fortune bonus side bet. You play against a banker, and your goal in Fortune Pai Gow is to create 2 winning combinations of your poker hands. The first is a 2 card winning hand, and the second is a 5 card winning hand. Your 2 card hand and your 5 card hand must be better than the banker for you to win. Fortune Pai gow poker is played with 1 deck of 52 cards, including a joker card.

You can play Fortune Pai Poker at Vegaz Casino.

Commission Free Fortune Pai Gow Poker

Commission-free fortune pai gow poker is a pai gow variant where you do not pay a %5 commission to the dealer if you beat the dealer. In this variant, you play against a dealer. You can use 2 bonus bets: fortune bonus + dealer bonus. Your fortune bonus bets win if your best possible 5 card hand consists of 3 of a kind or better.

If you bet a minimum of 5 dollars on the fortune bonus, the dealers place a so-called envy button next to your fortune bonus bet. This means you are qualified for a bonus payout when any other player at your table gets a hand of a minimum of 4 of a kind. When it comes to the second bonus, the dealer bonus is based on the dealer’s 7 card hand, and you only get paid for the single highest payout.

You can play commission-free fortune pai gow poker at Vegaz Casino.

Pai Gow emperor’s challenge – Enjoy extra bonus side bets

Pai Gow emperor challenge is a pai gow variant with bonus side bets. You get the bonus side bets when you create a pai gow hand that does not include pair, straight or flush. Pai Gow Insurance and Emperor’s Treasure wagers are the bonus side bets. In the pai gow emperor’s challenge, you get 7 cards to play with and to win, you need to get a better hand than the dealer’s 7 card hand.

You can play Pai Gow’s Emperor’s challenge at Vegaz Casino.

Pai Gow insurance – Get insurance bet

Pai gow insurance is a pai gow variant where you can get an optional side bet. Your optional side bet is paid if you are dealt a pai gow hand, which is a non-ranking hand. A non-ranking hand, in this case, refers to a hand with no pairs, straits, or flushes.

House way pai gow power – Play according to the house rules

House way pai gow poker variant is a pai gow variant where you need to set your hands according to the rules of the house. The house way means that the hands are pre-set by the casino, and the hands depend on the cards the casino has received. This means the dealer always has to follow the rules of the house and set the hands according to the house. You can play house-way pai gow poker at Vegaz Casino.

Caribbean Stud Poker – the casino card game discovered on a cruise ship en route to Aruba

Caribbean Stud is a casino card game that was first discovered on a cruise ship to the destination Aruba. The founder is David Sklansky, who founded the game in 1982.

Caribbean stud poker is a casino card game where you can use a progressive jackpot side bet. You start each game round by placing your ante bet. If you want, you can also place your optional progressive side bet. You get 5 cards, and the dealer gets 5 cards face down and 1 card face up. You then decide if you want to fold or raise. If you increase the amount is twice as big as your original ante net. Dealer qualifies only if he gets a hand of ace king or higher. If the dealer does not qualify, all ante bets are paid out in even money. And all raises are pushed. If the dealer qualifies and you have a better hand than the dealer, you win the ante bet and the raise bets. When it comes to payouts, the ante bet pays 1:1, and a raise bet is paid according to the payout chart in the game.

Spanish 21 – The card game with 48 set of cards

Spanish 21 is a casino card game where you play with a deck of 48 cards. Spanish 21 is similar to Blackjack but with more speed and action. The deck of 48 cards includes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Jack, Queen, King, & Ace. Another difference with Spanish 21 compared to Blackjack is that Spanish 21 includes Match Play, Bonuses, Super Bonus, and Late Surrender rules.

Super Fun 21

Super Fun 21 is a casino card game where you get prize money in even money when you get a blackjack. You can also double down at any time during a hand. Or split up to 4 times. In Casino Super Fun 21, your Blackjack always wins. Even in cases where the dealer also has a blackjack. When it comes to the dealer, the dealer usually hits a soft 17.

Vegas Three Card Rummy Card game

Vegas 3 card rummy is a casino card game played with a 52 card deck. Your aim is to get a lower score than the dealer. In each round, you get 3 cards, and the dealer receives 3 cards. After that, the total score is calculated for your hand and the dealer’s hands. The dealer will qualify only if the dealer scores 20 or lower.

To start a round, you place your ante bet. You must also put an extra bet to stay in the hand when you get your cards. If you remain in a hand and you have less than the dealer, you win even money on your ante bet. You can also bet on a side bonus bet. If you stay and the dealer qualifies, and you have a lower score than the dealer, you win 4:1 if the score is 0. 2:1 if the score is 1:5. 1:1 if the score is 6:19. When it comes to card values, the card value for face cards are 10, tens are 10, aces are 1. The remaining cards are worth their face value. Cards with 0 are pairs, triples, 2 card suite runs, and 3 card suited runs.

Texas hold ’em – world most popular poker game that was invented in Texas in the early 1900s

Texas hold ’em is a casino card game and one of the most popular casino card games played worldwide. The game was founded in Texas in Robstown in early 1990.

Texas hold ’em is easy to play. You start with 2 cards. Then you place your mandatory bets called the blinds. After that, you and other players get 2 hole cards face down. After that, the betting starts, and 3 community cards are placed face-up in the middle of the table. After that, another betting round is made, and another community card is faced up. Therafter another betting round, which follows with a final community card turned face up. Once the final betting round is completed, you and the remaining players in the final rounds make the best combination with 5 cards. Your combination is made of your hole cards and 5 community cards.

You can play casino Texas hold ’em online at Vegaz Casino.

Texas Hold Em Limit – Play with limits

In Texas hold em limit; you must place bets in steps according to predefined size betting sizes. So if you play, for example, a Texas hold ’em limit with a $6/$10 limit, it means you must bet in steps of 4 USD bet sizes on preflop and flop and steps of 8usd bets on the turn and the river. So if you would play a texas hold em limit with

In Texas hold em limit; you can only bet and raise according to the size $6/$10 in your first 2 rounds. It would mean betting 6usd preflop and 6usd flop. While you would bet in steps of 10usd on turn and river.

Texas hold em pot-limit – Play with a pot limit

In Texas, hold em pot limit; you can place as many chips in the pot. So if you play a Texas hold ’em game with a pot limit of 2 / 4, it means the blinds are 2 and 4.

Texas hold’em no limit – Play with no limits

In Texas hold’em no limit; you can raise your bets to the same amount as the number of stacks you have. So if you have a stack size of 500, you can raise up to 500. If another player at your table has less than 500 chips, the player can make a call on your bet, and if the player does it, the player creates a side bet. You still have to floor the minimum bet limits of bet sizes and blinds when it comes to limits in no limit.

However, since there is no limit, there is no maximum bet limit. If you decide to raise your bet, you must increase at least the size of your previous bet. If you have fewer chips to cover the bet or raise, you can always go all-in if you come to a situation. If you go all in, it means you bet the number of chips you have left, creating a side bet. This means all the other players who could afford the stakes are still competing for the side bet.

Omaha Texas Hold em – play with 4 hole cards

In Omaha Texas hold em; you play with 4 hole cards. You can choose to not discard your 4 hole cards. To make your final hand, you need to use 2 cards from your hand + 3 cards from the table. You win if your combination with 2 cards and 3 cards is the highest.

7 Card Stud card game

7 Card stud is a casino card game where you start each round by placing 1 ante bet. After that, you get 2 cards face down, and a card face up. Then the betting round starts. THe dealer deals 4, 5, 6 cards to you and other players. Each card is dealt face up. Next up is a betting round. After that, you and other players get 3 or more face-up cards + 1 card face down. The game ends in a showdown where you and other players turn up your hole cards. You must choose 5 of your 7 cards as your hand. This means you separate 5 cards from the other 2 cards. The other 2 cards are discarded.

Oasis Poker

Oasis Poker is a casino card game where you get 5 cards to play with, and so does the dealer. Your task is to get the best 5 card hand compared to the dealer’s 5 card hand to win the game. You always know 1 of the dealer’s 5 card hands in every round. Until the final showdown round, you can switch 1 or more of your cards in your 5 card hand in every round and replace them with new cards from the deck of cards. You can also raise or fold your hand in every round. To win in the final showdown round, your hand uses 2 of your starting hands and 3 of the community cards on the table. You win if your 5 hands are better than the dealer’s final 5 hands.

Pontoon card game

Pontoon is a casino card game where your task is to get as close to 21 as possible and not make sure to get more than 21. You do this by gathering cards with a face value (3,4,5 etc.) and getting a total value that is more than the banker’s card values without ending with a total value of more than 21. Pontoon is played with a deck of 52 cards. You can play Pontoon alone online at Vegaz or play Pontoon offline with 5-8 other players. The card values are A = 11 or 1 points, K,Q,J = 10 points and 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. The rules for Pontoon are the following:

In each round, a player is chosen to act as the banker.
After that, the banker deals you and other players 1 card face down, from left to right.
You can look at your cards but not the banker.
Pontoon is the best-ranked hand, followed by Five-Card Trick regarding hand rankings. Hands that exceed 21 are considered busted hands.

Red Dog

Red Dog is a casino card game where your win is based on the spread. The spread refers to the number of possible cards you need to win by ending in the middle. This is how you play Red Dog:

You start each round by making your ante bet.
After that, you get 3 cards from the dealer where the 1st card and 3rd card are faced up, while the middle card is facing down on the table.
Then you simply need to guess if your middle card has the same value as the mid-card facing down on the table.
If you believe it, you can raise your bet. If you think your card is lower than the middle card on the table, simply make a call.
To win, your middle card has a higher value than the 1st card but a lower value than the 3rd card.
You can play the Red Dog casino card game online at Vegaz Casino or play it offline in land-based casinos.

Spanish 21

Spanish 21 is a casino card game with a 48 card deck. The deck of 48 cards includes 12 ten-value cards. To win, you need to get a hand of a total of 21. It does not matter if a dealer has a hand with an ace + a 10 value card as their 2 cards because as long as you have a hand of a total 21 you always win. You can also double down and sometimes even re-double your bets. You can also split your cards and even re-split. Another feature in Spanish 21 is that you can surrender and get 50% back on your original bet if you think your first 2 cards will not win.

Teen Patti card game – become popular in India

Teen Patti is a casino card game played with a deck of 52 cards. Teen Patti is a popular casino card game in India. Therefore the Indian-sounding name Teen patti actually means “three cards. The ranking of the 52 cards follows the international poker hand rankings. Teen Patti can be played with 4 – 7 players.

Each game round starts with the player agreeing on the minimum bet value. Once that is settled, each player places the minimum bet in the middle of the teen patti table. After that, the dealer deals out 3 cards to you and other players. After that, the action starts, and you and other players guess and bet on which player has the best 3 card hand. You can either look at your card before you bet or not look and leave your cards to face down on the table. You need to reach a showdown where you face another player to win. Both of your cards are put face up on the table, and if you have the higher ranking, you win the pot on the table.

Three Card Rummy – popular in India

3 card rummy is a popular casino card game commonly played in India and other countries. Besides the name 3 card rummy, the game is also called Vegas Three Card rummy. You play the game with a deck of 52 cards. Your goal in the game is to get lower points than the dealer. To win, you need to have cards with a total value less than the dealers’ total card value. You start each round by placing an ante bet. You are also free to place a bonus bet if you want. After that, you get 3 cards to face up, and the dealer receives 3 cards face down. You can then decide if you’re going to fold, place a bet, or opt out. The lowest card in the three card rummy is the ace card worth 0.

Deuces Wild – Card game

Deuces Wild is a casino card game that features wild cards called wild deuces. The wild deuces are 2’s, and the wild deuce 2 cards are used to increase your chances to create your winning hand. You play deuces wild with a standard deck of 52 cards. You can use the deuces wild cards to create a 5 of a kind hand in each round. When it comes to hand rankings, Natural Royal Flush is the highest paying hand with a payout of 1000:1 while the lowest paying hand is the Pair of Aces which pays 1:1.

You start each game round by placing your ante bet. After that, the dealer will deal you with 3 starting cards. Once you get your 3 starting hands, you can either bet 1x the ante bet or fold. After that, the dealer deals you a 4rth card. You can now choose to raise your bet 2times the ante bet or make a fold. Then the dealer deals you with the final 5th card. After that, you show your hand, and the dealer will double-check and review your hands to see if your hands are a winning hand. You can play deuces wild online at Vegaz Casino or play Deuces Wild offline at land-based casinos.

Jacks or Better Casino Card game

Jacks, or better, is a casino card game that can be played in a so-called video poker slot. Your task in Jacks or better is to win your hand by having jacks or better cards in your hand. Every time you get a pair of jacks or higher, you get 1 extra point. Jack’s or better is a speedy game with up to 100 hands at a time. You start each game round by placing your bet; then, you are dealt 5 cards. Decide which of the 5 cards you want to keep or discard. The highest hand in jacks or better is Royal Flush, and the lowest hand in Jacks or Better are Jacks or Better. You can play jacks or better at a video slot casino like Vegaz Casino.

Joker Poker card game

Joker Poker is a card game where you are dealt 5 cards. Each round begins with choosing your bet amount and how many hands you want to play before choosing the deal button. Next, you get 5 cards, and you need to decide which cards you want to keep or which cards you want to discard and select Draw to get new cards from the dealer.

Double Jackpot Poker card game

Double Jackpot Poker is played with a deck of 52 cards. In Double jackpot poker, you can get a kicker card which means that in each round, you can get a 4 of a kind in your face card, and together with the kicker face card, the 4 of a kind pays 2:10.

Online casino games list – types of online casino games
You can play 1000’s of different types of online casino games, from jackpots and online slots to video slots and multiway slots. Below we have made an online casino games list with explanations of the types of online casino games you can play.

Online Slots: Online slots are the most popular casino games online. You can play online slots with various pay lines, symbols, bonus features, and multipliers. You can play online slots with pay lines ranging from 1 pay line up to 100 pay lines or more. You can find online slots with symbols like bars 7s. You can find online slots with multipliers from 1x – 50x. Online slots can be played for fun or for real with bets from 0,10 euro cent to 2 euro bet per spin or more. You can play online slots like classic slots, 3d slots, fruit slot machines, progressive slots, single pay lines, and multiple pay lines. You can play online slots for money at Vegaz Casino.
Live Casino: Live casino games are traditional casino games that you can play live with real live dealers. Live casino games are live-streamed from specially built live casino studios located in various parts of the world. In each live casino studio, a live casino dealer is broadcasting the game via a live-streamed web camera broadcasting the gameplay to an online casino. You can interact with the live dealer and other players. You can play live casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Baccarat, Sic Bo, to name a few. Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and Playtech are the most popular live casino game developers. You can play live casino games online at a live casino like Vegaz Casino.
Jackpot Games: jackpot games online include jackpot winnings starting from 1 000 000, which can go up to 10 000 000 or more. You can play progressive jackpot games and non-progressive jackpot games. Progressive jackpot games are where the pot increases for every bet a player makes. While non-progressive jackpot games have a fixed jackpot. The most popular jackpot games online are Mega Moolah jackpot slot by NetEnt and Mega Fortune by Microgaming. You can play jackpot games online at Vegaz Casino.
Scratch Cards: Scratch Cards games online are casino games based on the traditional scratch cards on paper. But instead of scratching on paper you scratch cards online and win money instantly from scratch cards online. You can play online casino scratch cards with various themes and prizes. Such as Koj Scratch with parrots or Monster Scratch with monsters. You can try scratch cards for free or for real money at Vegaz Casino.
Table Games: Table Games online are based on casino games formally played on tables in land-based casinos. Table games online let you enjoy classic table games like baccarat, European Roulette and Blackjack. Furthermore, you can play table games with new features and themes like Sugar Glider with cats or Ancient Troy based on an ancient theme with gods. You can play table games online at Vegaz Casino.
Video Bingo: Video Bingo games online are based on traditional bingo games played in bingo halls. However, when you play video bingo games online, you can combine lucky numbers with spinning balls in games like the classic Keno or video bingo games with a Brazilian theme like Rio Bingo. You can play video bingo games online at Vegaz Casino.
Video Poker: Video Poker games are played with cards like traditional poker but in a video poker machine online. You can play video poker game online like Deuces Wild, Tens or Better, or Texas Hold Em. You also find classics like Caribbean Stud. You can play a video poker game online at Vegaz Casino.
Video Slots: Video Slots or casino slots are one of the most popular types eof online casino games to play today. Simply because video slots online offer 100s of gameplay themes and variations in prizes, graphics, and sounds. You can play video slots online with game themes based on ancient gods like Anubis Moon and Lucky Jack. Or try your luck in modern classics such as Starburst XXXtreme and Book of Atem. You can play over 10 000 video slots at Vegaz Casino.
Virtual Games: Virtual games is an online casino game category where you can enjoy sports games like virtual golf or football manager. Or try your luck in Magic WHeel and the Chinese dice game Sic Bo.
Megaways & Multi ways: Megaways and multiway slots use a unique reel modifier style that boosts the wheels with more symbols on your spins. This means you can get more chances to win on more reels. Some of the popular megaways slots you can play are Gonsos Quest mega ways and Big Bad Wolf mega ways. You can try to play mega ways slots at Vegaz Casino. Make sure to read our article Megaways explained to learn more about megaways slots.
Bonus buy: Bonus buy slots are slots where you can pay to activate a feature in a slot. For example, you can bet 50x to unlock a feature or up to 2000x bet to unlock features. Some examples of bonus buy slots are Hollywood and Story of Hercules. You can play Megaways slots at Vegaz Casino.

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