Executive Media Blackjack

Boss Media blackjack games are some of the earliest real-money blackjack games available online. Boss Media, a Swedish company, has produced online wagering software for a lengthier period of time than most other companies; however, its longevity has not been matched by innovation. That is to say, their games are somewhat obsolete.

Their software is renowned for its realistic design; unlike the cartoonish animations of other software providers, these blackjack games are intended to simulate a real table. Boss Media offers a premium-style online game that is responsive and visually appealing, but has not received many enhancements over the past decade to keep it relevant.

Below is some introductory information regarding Boss Media. This section examines the available blackjack variations, the house edge for each, and the optimal strategy for Boss Media blackjack games.

Regarding Boss Media

Boss Media was established in 1996 as the software provider for Gold Club Online Casino, which debuted in 1997 as one of the world’s first large-scale Web-capable gambling operations. Soon after, Boss Media launched Casino.com, where they published news and evaluations about the rapidly expanding online gambling industry. These two early endeavors prompted the company to offer its software as a white label venture to other individuals interested in conducting online casinos. Thus, Boss Media was born as a provider of comprehensive casino solutions.

By the time Boss Media divested all of its online casino interests in 2004-2006, in response to changes in the US market, they had licensed thirty online casinos, providing them with all of their gambling software and back-end software and support.

You won’t find many Boss Media blackjack games these days, as few casinos are licensing their games and they have long since shut down all of their own casinos. From what we can tell, only five casinos host blackjack or other casino games from Boss Media, none of which are significant participants in the global online gambling industry. None of the handful of casinos that offer blackjack games by Boss Media allow American players.

Media Boss Blackjack Time Limit

A peculiar feature of the Boss Media software is the time limit function. We’re fairly certain that this feature is incorporated into the majority of online wagering software, but we notice it much more on Boss Media games due to the extremely brief time limit.

After all of the cards have been dealt, you have a predetermined number of seconds to make your initial choice. The software implies you want to stand if you do not make a decision. We were unable to locate information on the company’s website regarding the exact amount of time the participant has to make a decision; therefore, we recommend that you pay close attention.

Games Accessible

The finest online game designers recognize the importance of variety. Casinos do not offer a single slot machine or blackjack table – at least, not the decent ones. Numerous speculators favor having a selection of games from which to choose. Boss Media produces a variety of blackjack games, some of which differ only slightly from one another. The objective is to increase the size of their casino library, but also to offer a diversity of games that cater to the diverse preferences of blackjack players.

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